Welcome to a Soggy October

We started off October a little soggy, rain has fallen all but three days since the first. We did manage to harvest our last round of grapes before the rains started again. Art had the chance to discover more of our corner in beautiful Albania during our few sunny days. And the fall colors are just starting to show off.

Hundreds of natural springs and waterfalls along the paths made work a little more interesting for him and the crew surveying the lands.

Meanwhile, we are busy making wine and will nearly double our production of wine from last year. We did upgrade to a manual crank crusher this season which made things a little less messy. But so far we like what we sample.

And we had a special visitor help with the harvest this year. Flat Stanly came all the way from Southwest Elementary to visit Homestead Albania. He is on his way back to Mr. Crowley's calls to share his adventures in Albania.

And check out the Latest News our latest release news for November!

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