About Kim Malaj

Author/Wine Taster/Blogger

When I moved to my husband's tenth generation land and homestead in Albania, I had a vague idea of what I was getting into but the journey has been more enlightening and life changing in the most unexpected ways. From a corporate jet set life to working and running a small vineyard and homestead outside of the US in the mountain valley town Bajze, Albania. I have found peace, home and life outside of a 9-5. We enjoy every aspect of living outside of the US and want to share our a simple life of culture and wine. 


I first started writing our journey in a notebook stored in the bedside table to capture the activities of our homestead because each day is an adventure. After a short trip back to the US to visit family and friends, I found that trying to catch them up on the day to day life living abroad in beautiful Albania was nearly impossible. Homestead Albania has become an outlet for us to document our epic journey and allows others to tag along. 

Author of the Ember in Time Series and The Old Untold.