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Audiobook Kickstarter 

March 1, 2022


On March 1st, Who Is Maggie, a small Missouri town mystery novel will be released. It will be available in all book formats: ebook, paperback and hardcover.

Who Is Maggie

A series of bizarre events lands Rozanne Rayvern in the emergency room. Gage Auburn, her lifelong best friend, steps up and pays a debt to help Rozanne.  A headline in the local paper the following day unravels one of the bizarre events connecting Rozanne to a century old cold case. And by nightfall they find themselves at the center of small town gossip and immersed in a search for a missing girl. But to everyone’s surprise it all circles back to another closed case.


Can they find the root of all the chaos before it ends an already broken Rozanne?

November 15, 2021

On November 15th, book three in the Ember in Time Series, Protectors of Time. It will be available in all book formats: ebook, paperback and hardcover. 

Protectors of Time

Ember in Time Series

Book Three


Six months after Itra and Danae were ejected from the Castle of Teskom, an alarming phone call sends them back and not by choice.

They’re not alone aided by the support of the new alliance of descendants from the bloodlines of Zeus and Mui and the Protectors of Time. They arrive just-in-time time to defend the castle from Ember’s scorned lover Chronos. 

But the list of opponents seems to evolve as they uncover an ancient prophecy of a new beginning of time between the four dimensions.

To begin again or tip the end. They must decide.

June 1, 2021

On June 1st, we are releasing book two in the Ember in Time Series Recover or Yield. It will be available in all book formats: ebook, paperback and hardcover. 

Recover or Yield

Ember in Time Series

Book Two


Danae and her brother Leon, descendants of Zeus, are thrust into a world they barely understand. A new responsibility to protect and serve the goddess Ember and the Castle of Teskom after Danae’s husband, Itra, a descendant of Mui, family failed to protect the castle from an attack lead by Poseidon and Medusa.


Their first assignment, finding and retrieving a stolen artifact to restore the barrier that hides the castle from each dimension. An adventure that leads them deep underground and high above the mountains alongside a few familiar and new faces.


The clock is ticking.

Will they restore order or create more chaos?

December 9, 2020


Released November 30th, Kim's book Castle of Teskom, the first book in the Ember in Time Series, a fantasy fiction novel set in northern Albania. It is available now in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover.

Castle of Teskom

Ember in Time Series

Book One

Shiny ember rocks are fuel for time; the dull rocks are a fool’s dime.   

An old nursery rhyme, or so they think.


Itra and Danae stumble across an ancient secret kept hidden behind a reflection in time near their Albanian home. A faded memory and cryptic messages have propelled them to risk an encounter with foes from Greek mythology, altering their perception of Albanian folklore and reality. Itra and Danae grapple with events set in motion centuries ago and must choose to protect and serve or risk having the secret exposed.


Will love, loyalty, and lineage be enough to hold them together, or will they lose their way in a universe they are only beginning to understand?

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