Middle Earth or money pit...

Ladies and Gentlemen we've struck oil, nah just kidding only water. The installation of a new well process has had it's share of unforgiving weather with rain soak filled days, equipment failure, and stuck pipes delaying the project's completion. Last week, they found a water pocket around 150 meters, but not enough to supply the garden and orchard so they went further. Another pocket of water hit around 220 meters. To be on the safe side they went another thirty meters.

Why am I telling you this? Most wells in our area tend to be 100-150 meters max. So we are near middle Earth status or at the spring streams feeding the lake nearby. Guessing, the mirror I broke two weeks ago didn't help.

Benefits of digging a well:

1. The massive mud pit it creates would supply a nice arena for mud wrestling. Who's up for it?

2. Hopefully enough water to keep and maintain our garden, vineyard and soon to be orchard for our long dry summers.

3. Empty wallet syndrome

In other news. Art started pruning the trees and vines over the last two weeks. We have another cold front coming so this will be on pause until the weather improves. We are fermenting the last of the persimmons for spring raki brewing. And our thana (cornelius cherry) trees are starting blossom. A first hint of spring in the garden after a long wet winter.

We have two new additions. Meet Gigi and Juju.

And I got mail! I ordered two paperback copies of my book the Castle of Teskom and they arrived a few days ago. It's surreal holding a copy. I know it's been out for months but after see and touching it all feels very very real. If you have read the book and are interested in book two I plan to release the title and some concept cover art later this month.

Finally joining the ranks with Art!

If you have purchased either book, THANK YOU! And if you have read either book please take a few minutes to post a review on Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes and Noble. It helps to have some reviews (even if they aren't all five stars).

The books we donated to the school libraries are still sitting in boxes awaiting new shelves. We hope to visit and assist the schools with stocking and cataloging the books soon.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

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