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We set our mission at the beginning of the year to bring books to the local school libraries here in Bajze. We fell short of the fundraising but were still able to pay for the shipment out of pocket. Thanks to all those that did contribute by donating.

To find out more about the mission and how to donate:

After a lot of logistical phone calls and several trips to the border customs office. Today this mission is complete. We unloaded two palates of books to the school library with some assistance from the locals.

We peeked in a few boxes to check the content and quality and I was instantly transported.

Several books I remembered reading while sitting cross legged in the middle of the aisle at the local library. I was beyond giddy. The books were in great condition thanks to the Int'l Book Project for the quality books!

We can't wait for this pandemic to be over and we can host reading hours with the local school kids.

We hope to complete the fundraising for the shipment costs and the needed improvements for paint and shelving for the school libraries.

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