A raki start to August

We have collected our thana (cornelius cherry) for a late summer round of raki. The fruit will ferment for up to two months before we are ready to distill. For some that have never tried thana same texture as a cherry, larger pit, little tart and have a tannins (filmy covering your mouth). Doesn't sound all that tasty, right? Well according to one publication the distillation of thana to raki is a common remedy for rheumatism both by consumption and topical application. We will test this theory out come winter.

And drum roll please, IT IS FIG SEASON!!!

This week we have entered mass daily quantity of figs creating a very much supply vs demand problem, our neighbors have a fig tree so we can't give them away, his sister and her family take gallons each weekend but during the week the three of us can't eat them fast enough so it is freeze or waste and trust me, we freeze. And how well do they keep in the freezer? Amazing, you freeze and take out months later, rest for about an hour and they are ready to eat just like the day you picked them.

And it may be a sign we have too many when I star them as models for art.

One day's harvest so if you are nearby and want to buy fresh figs, we have plenty! And we would sell locally but the market is saturated here most families have fig trees on property.

In other news we have officially planted cabbage and leeks preparing for the winter. The grapes nearly ripe and the pomegranate and quinces are not far behind.

Other fun news, schools are set to reopen in mid September which means we get to finally see our donated books on the shelves at the school. If you are new to our blog check out the book arrival, https://www.homesteadalbania.com/post/books-arrived

And speaking of books, my debut fiction novel rough draft is complete. Editing phase is off to a long tedious slow start but it is coming together.

We starting the prep for wine season if you are interested in crushing grapes this fall, hit us up in the comments below.

Stay safe, stay well my friends.

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