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March came in with magical spring blooms popping up in nearly every corner of the garden, blue skies and loads of sunshine. We finished the water well and we only get about an hour of water three times a day which will be fine for the garden but not the entire orchard. Speaking of orchard, we have prepped 789 holes, ordered 800 pomegranate trees (400 Wonderful, 200 Davedishe, 200 Hicanzar) and rain is in the forecast for this weekend. I expect that the four walnut, four almond, four aroma pomegranate, and two olive trees we planted in the last few days in our garden this week were just the warm up. The field is prepped with a organic manure from local homesteads in each hole. But in all honesty the field looks like a giant game of whack a mole I used to play as a kid at Chucky Cheese.

Do you see the resemblance?

Our vegetable garden and the vine maintenance are about three weeks behind compared to last year due to a very soggy winter. We will spend the next few weeks with long days outside moving from one project to another. And time training Bobi, a black lab puppy and new addition to our homestead.

We are still fermenting persimmons for a spring batch of raki. What kind of raki have you tried?

In publishing news, Recover or Yield, the second novel in the Ember in Time Series is about a quarter of the way drafted. During the rainy days ahead I hope to squeeze in a large chunk of writing. I have completed the art for the cover. What do you think?

Cheers to more crazy adventures and SPRING!

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