The beginning of Plan C

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

It started with an impulse to move to a warm, sunset worthy, non-stop flights, sand beneath my toes location in a quest to take back one thing, TIME. I was a fly warrior spending my Monday and Thursdays flying to and from my small college town Springfield, Missouri. The airport is tiny which means the planes are tiny and required a layover in Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas to get to most destinations. I was spending 18 to 22 hours a week in my commute to and from work, I was over it. I wanted my time to be mine so after spending the first half of the year traveling for pleasure outside of my work commute to New York, Florida, Hawaii, California, and Ireland, I decided to move. My short term lease started in August of 2015, it was a charming craftsman bungalow near Treasure Island in St. Petersburg, Florida. My first weekend was busy, I had to furnish the entire house including dishware, linens, furniture and more. And by more, I mean eat...over breakfast in a small beach cafe on that first damp Sunday morning I met a man whom I now proudly call husband. Yes, I said breakfast, I met my husband over an omelette and french toast. It was this day that Plan C was planted. The conversation started with where do you see yourself in five years, my response, "I want to live and work abroad before I am 40." His response while gesturing to me and himself, "Well if this doesn't work out, most likely living in my family home in Bajze, Albania or to live in a house on a hill over looking a body of water off the grid."

Fast forward recap, we were married in December of 2015, bought a charming home in Apollo Beach, Florida

Plan A - Payoff debt and save

Plan B - Live and work abroad before 40

Plan C - Live in family home in Bajze, Albania

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