Spring Projects

After a very wet, dark and cold winter, we welcome the warmer temperatures creeping up to sunny temperatures in mid 60°F/20°C. March had a cold snap and rain we haven't experienced before.

Our project pomegranate is nearly complete. We will install a drip irrigation system by June but otherwise the trees are in the ground, the soil properly saturated with water and the ground around tree is fluffed and mounded.

Art has moved on to a welding project. He is installing new supports to trellis the vines that need more space and support. Eventually, we plan to have do this in most sections including the driveway.

Our garden is taking small steps to a reality. Garlic and onion planted only a few weeks ago are popping up and this year we planted 9 rows of potatoes. More veggies coming soon since the night temperatures seem to be heading out of freezing or below. The fruit trees are off to great start!

We did take a time out to celebrate my birthday. It was a cool windy day, so I opted for snow and mountains. We drove up to Boge, a small valley town between two high peaks. We had plans to make it up to Theth to have a late lunch but mother nature had other plans. The corner just before the switchbacks was covered. After a few kind souls hopped out we were able to turn our little Jetta around. We had dinner in Razma, a cute mountain village, at the Golden Tower. A small lodge with a cozy restaurant, including a beautiful fireplace. We nearly had the entire place to ourselves.

After reflecting on my *cough* 39 years, my long term goals always had an age associated. Create more than one income stream by 30, pay off student loans by 35, live and work abroad by 40, all of which were completed ahead of schedule.

So cheers to new ageless goals in no particular order of importance:

  1. Install a long lap pool in between two rows of vines. (Art is on board)

  2. Finish and publish the Ember in Time Series. Book two first draft complete. Expecting four maybe five to complete the series.

  3. Create a guest space on property.

  4. Design and build an outdoor kitchen.

Cheers my dear humans!

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