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Spring Awakens the Soul

We've finally hit the stride of warm sunny days and nights in the 10 day forecast. And the plants are showing their appreciation. March on the homestead is all about the transition. We've kicked off the season with our ritual morning walks to check the trees and plants as they come back to life. Art shared with me this morning that he recalls making the morning rounds with his grandfather Gjeto to check the garden and any game traps. I love that some traditions stay steady on this beautiful land we cherish. It's a rapid transition as the bare trees comeback to life with bits of color, buds, and some flowers are popping already.

Pear, peach, pomegranate, cornelius cherry, quince, mulberry, nectarine, plum, fig, grapes, kiwi, blueberry, and apple.

We've seen the new onions pop and have transferred the spring green and spinach starters to a newly constructed raised bed with a cover. We also recycled our tires and transferred some of our strawberries that were a little too crowded in our annual beds.

And with a new season we have new additions. Our mama hen is tending to seven new baby chicks. On average our other hens produce 7-9 eggs a day.

Mama hen & chicks

We celebrate my birthday every year with a day trip and this year I wanted to go check out the waterfalls in the Albanian Alps. And it did not disappoint. We shared lunch with a Belgium cyclist braving the climb on a windy and chilly day. Love meeting new people and hearing about their love and appreciation of stunning Albania.

Art and I are also busy recording the audiobook for Who Is Maggie. I hope to have a release date coming soon.

We have also prepped and trimmed all the pomegranate trees in the orchard. They are starting to show pops of red.

If you haven't added Albania to your list of travel must see. What's holding you back?

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