Plan B or not to Plan B

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I grew up in Missouri where tornado warnings were a beacon to go to the front porch to gaze at the sky. In Florida, hurricane season come with both the ones that stay and ride it out and the others that flee north as quickly as possible buying out all non perishables from every store on the way.

My first hurricane came as Hurricane Irma and we chose to stay and ride it out with my husband's brother and his family. We learned the art of hurricane shutters and the ghost town syndrome when a storm threat is near. We had power and internet during the storm and it was that week while we were watching the news in the evening that I found an opening with a New Zealand company that I knew could be a great fit so I applied. Post hurricane no damage and the next week I left my career in Health IT in the US. I chose to stay home and work on my other passion in real estate. By the end of 2017, we had reached our savings goal, I had my real estate license, started the interview process for New Zealand and we were actively looking at business opportunities for my husband in New Zealand.

Fast forward recap:

Plan A - Savings and debt goals achieved

Plan B - I got the job, I moved to New Zealand in March 2018 without my husband his visa pending

Plan C - To live in my husband's family home in Bajze, Albania

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