Our personal fishing and swimming hole

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Our small town borders a large lake called Lake Skadar. It shares borders between Montenegro and Albania. It is a fresh water lake fed by many springs and surrounded by mountains. It is a 15 minute bike ride to the lake's edge from our front door. Unlike the crowded lakes back in Missouri, when we visit the lake to fish or swim we are met with surreal silence with the exception of nature or a bird's call. It is peaceful and wonderful to relax and enjoy the scenery. The lake can be cold especially near the spring's eye but otherwise very refreshing on a hot day. We have had some minor success fishing. At one of our favorite spots there was an abandoned building that is now being converted into a restaurant and the other is a abandoned restaurant that was destroyed by a flood some years back but both locations are ideal for both swimming and fishing.

Spring's Eye

View from Montenegro looking back across the lake to Albania.

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