Mulbery Season a Wrap

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

We are officially done with MULBERRIES! Well for the season. We collected more than 350 gallons mulberries for countless jars of Mulberry Pekmez Molasses, 25 liters of mulberry raki, and a test batch of Mulberry Wine. Watch the madness below:

We are officially in summer with highs in the mid 90s F (33 C) making daytime gardening activities hot or evening only activities. We pulled three rows of potatoes yesterday evening. A mix of good and bad crop. We have about 15 melons nearly ready to pick. The peppers, beans, onions, squash, zucchini, salads, okra, and cucumbers all have been consumed in the last few weeks.

Our cucumber plants took a turn a few days the leaves turned from healthy green to an orange brown. Sadly we have taken a few out to prevent any spread. Tomatoes are bright green and look healthy but not red yet. Watermelons and pumpkins growing.

Pears are prime for picking and the first round of figs are big and plumpy!

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