May Day May Day

May came in with warm sunshine, raki (moonshine) and additional blossoms. And hopefully a renewed since of freedom post pandemic. We had planned pre-lockdown to share the experience of making Raki with a group of local expats but could not host due to the movement restrictions and social distancing required during this time. Last fall we had filled a barrel with persimmons to ferment over winter.

Every few days we would smash the mixture a bit more. Each time the lid was removed the aroma of Kindergarten enter my nose via memories Elmer's Glue.

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This was our first batch of raki this year. Two days, five rounds of distilling and 7 gallons of smoothe persimmon raki.

We were lucky to have bright blue skies and a warm breeze both days as this requires constant attention while babysitting the fire.

We plan to make raki from mulberries (red and white) late June, plum late July, grape late October and maybe a small batch from thana. Last year we made mulberry and grape raki. I know I have posted the steps on how raki is made before but if you need a reminder:

The garden is full of life with birds singing, bees and blossoms. The beans we planted last week have already started to sprout and potatoes are flowering. The fields are full of wild flowers and poppy blossoms.

Today we managed our first long bike ride since the lock down started. It was a warm sunny bright day and very joyful to be pushing the peddles again. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some beauty in your surroundings.


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