June Bloom

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

June has started much cooler than last year no complaints minus a slower ripening of tomatoes. We celebrated Art's birthday with a full day of distilling our mulberry raki. This year our batch has clear crisp taste. The exploration of other uses for our mulberry trees has come full circle this year we made enough pekmez, mulberry molasses, for a year or more. We are even considering mulberry wine. Also did you know the mulberry leaves can be steeped for tea? It is apparently good for digestion. We still have a shake or two left of the four mulberry trees, according to my count we have collected just over 300 gallons of mulberries this season with at least 60 gallons more to collect.

Our nephew's birthday also took us out the homestead on our first outing since the lock down to the south. We met up with family near Lezhe for a meal of meals. A popular seafood restaurant Trëndafili Mistik built up from a woman that would cook on a small grill on the beach is now a beautiful brick and mortar restaurant with large outdoor seating area on the Adriatic Sea with a view of the Albanian Mountains. The nature preserve around the area is beautiful with a beach and the day was stunning.

Here at the homestead our garden is producing cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, beans, potatoes, onions, garlic, spring greens, parsley, and squash. The cool start has slowed the ripening of the tomatoes. Watermelon, cantaloupe, melons, pumpkins, egg plants, blackberries and bush beans are flowering.

Our pears are starting to ripen even picking a few this week.

If you have a favorite pear recipe please comment below.

Other updates from the orchard. Our trees are full with fruit that will be ready later this summer and fall. Figs are next, we are talking of buying another deep freeze just for additional storage of figs and pomegranate juice.

The vines are alive and well:

We have also opened the vineyard to tours and guided hiking. If you come we are likely to send you home with seasonal fruits and veggies.


We also new baby chicks, 20 total, and they are adorable.

This group has some brave strong little chicks.

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