It smells like Fall

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

We have explored many trails and paths around the back mount of our homestead but today we found a new cave entrance, new path to us and ended up with some rock climbing. Thankfully the fall temperatures have arrived and we are starting get the cool evenings and the sunny days without the blistering heat. We collected some kaca, a fruit we dry for tea, along the way.

I have a challenge, the small green mounts in the video below, we would like to climb but want an additional hiking partner(s), first come first hike to claim your peak.

Pictures from today's discovery and climb.

And an update on the September harvest, we are collecting jujubes and kaca, the olives, persimmons and pomegranates are starting to ripen, fig season is slowing down, cabbage and beets are coming in nicely and our beautiful grapes are nearly ready for harvesting!

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