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It May Explode

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

We've entered the wait and see stage of spring. Everything is planted and it's been a wet week of rain and even hail. The transformation from just a month ago to now has been significant, with only a few duds.

Speaking of duds. Our two mature cherry trees. We had beautiful flowers but ZERO healthy cherries.

Another dud was a beautiful pear tree that dropped all the fruit.

But we have some winners! Our peaches, plums, mulberries, quinces, nectarine, apples, thanas, and walnuts are doing wonderful.

The vineyard has taken on new life and the grapes are starting to sprout. We have full shade in the hammocks under the vines in a manner of two weeks it filled in nicely.

We have added to our chicken population since my last post. And another mama hen about to hatch another round this Friday. On average we collect about 10 eggs a day from our hens and are down to one rooster (for now).

We do have a few predators stalking our baby chickens. Possible suspects include a falcon, pied crow, and an owl.

Our orchard took a hit with a late frost but is bouncing back and showing signs of life. Art has been working on the grass between the rows on the sunny days.

And our roses are blossoming and the fragrance our driveway is intense.

And the wildflowers are not disappointing.

And we found an old friend in the garden. Spike is back!

We are collecting garlic, onions, spring lettuce, spinach, chamomile, and strawberries.

Our bookish adventure has lead us down the audiobook path. We've narrated Who Is Maggie and have added that to our other two audiobooks at We are currently recording Twisting Hercules.

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