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In the Garden

We have officially started to reap the rewards of the garden. Sure we had salad greens, spinach, and strawberries earlier but now the squash and cucumbers are ready in regular intervals.

Tomatoes, carrots, beans, and peppers are nearly ready. The potatoes are almost ready to pull. Melons, eggplants, okra, blueberries, and blackberries are still coming in.

The progression from March to June is always incredible for me the non gardener of the family.

We had ample rain this spring which has assisted with the production.

What is in your garden?

Our fruit trees are full of bounty. The four large mulberries are ripe and we are picking. The spring pears are big and beautiful.

What's up next? Figs and plums. The quince, apples, kiwis, pomegranates, persimmons, and Cornelius cherries are still very much work in progress.

The pomegranate orchard has shown signs of life but there are several trees that haven't caught yet or may be dead and will need to be replaces but overall it's going strong. We have installed the irrigation and have enough pressure to water half of the orchard at a time for a few hours using the second well. We also planted some squash and melons in the loose soil next to the new trees near the house and have already collected some squash.

And the vineyard!! We completed all the vine clean up which basically removes the lower leaves and lighten the load on overcrowded areas. It has really taken shape and the grapes nearly doubled in size since last week. And we installed a new hammock to take advantage of the shade.

March vs May vs June

Two weeks growth left to right.

We celebrated Art's birthday with a coffee down by the lake and he tested out the new hammock.

Cheers to homestead life.

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