Implementing Plan C

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

After four months living apart from my husband, me in New Zealand and him in Albania, I made a trip back to Albania to visit and discuss our future. We thought New Zealand was perfect timing but it appears that with one delay comes additional delays in the land of visas. I had 10 days in Albania, we took a beautiful three day trip to southern Albania along the Adriatic Sea, it was magical. During this road trip my heart started to expand with love and admiration for this country. We also took some time to explore the northern mountains and his hometown Bajze. By day 9, I was totally smitten with all that was Albania and after we walked his family home and land I knew we were home.

Many factors weighed decisions on how to execute this and if it was even possible including work, finances, transportation and moving two continents in one year. My lease in New Zealand ended in September 30 so we had a time frame to figure out logistics.

My career, ended up taking a temporary contract when I left New Zealand extending my employment until the end of 2018. Transportation, we were able to sell my New Zealand car back and purchase a new car in Albania and finances were secured with our savings and a little lady luck. The move, packing up our Florida house in February, packing up my Auckland apartment in September, jail breaking my clothes out of customs (the bags weighed too much) and reuniting with my husband was 100% all worth it!!

Fast forward recap:

Plan A and B - Consider mission complete

Plan C - We now live and work my husband's home and land that has been in his family for ten generations. We have experienced the loss of my father-in-law and his mother is now living with us full time.

In my next series, I will take you through our home and land on what we have done to get it up and running after we arrived.

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