Horse Cavern

My memories from about four years old are pretty visibly clear about a lot of events throughout my life to now, my husband can only remember small blips of anything before his early teens. His recall void has started to blossom a bit after being back on his home turf.

Yesterday we hiked the land beyond the mount behind the house. The land is covered in trees, shrubs, rocks and wild flowers, flashback to the eighties, only rocks and herb bushes, no trees. The communist chopped all trees and vines, not in communist orchards, in the north lands for firewood to bake bread. A pear tree the width of my husbands arm span once stood near where our house stands today. Now, I can circle my hands around most of our pear trees.

A cavern called the 'Horse Cave', named after a horse once fell into the deep cavern was rescued by locals via ropes. A narrow entry to this cavern were white like crystals that his brother and him played with as kids. The landscape changes made navigating a little challenging so we tackled this with a drone. He flew passes over the areas we had not covered already on foot and found a possible location, we tore our way through the heavy growth to a cavern but no shiny crystals. His remark, "If I had a memory like yours we would have walked right to it! Can you hypnotize me?" I laughed but wonder what else is locked behind the veil?

The area has several caves and caverns so there is likely more to discover. The joy etched on my husband's face during the hunt was worth the scratches and face plant with near twisted ankle.

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