Finding Happiness in Nature...

My husband's favorite time of year is spring. He grins ear to ear with joy at all of the green returning, the trees and plants coming back to life and the beautiful blooms that come out each and everyday.

I appreciate the buzz of the bees, the fresh warm sun and the brown bare trees gracefully covered with new growth and green goodness.

We have had a few surprises this spring including an April fools snow shower that stuck around for the morning and melted by late afternoon.

We pass part of the range above on our way to Shkoder and there is a part that has a distinct outline of a sculpted shapely bum. I have pointed this out to Art several times never really believing he sees it but after the snow I finally got a clear shot of the range with the figure. Do you see it?

After this last cold snap and snow we started a new long row in the garden to plant beans, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cantaloupe and watermelon. The potatoes had some frost damage on the baby sprouts but have recovered a bit.

Spinach and green lettuce are thriving and we have sampled both!

Grafted fruit trees are starting to show some evidence of catching which means more fruit producing trees next year! This year the trimmed quince, pear, peach, thana, mulberry, persimmon, fig, nectarine, and apple trees and kiwi and grape vines have all bloomed, started to flower and produce fruit.

Still patiently waiting on the apple, plums, cherry, dates and pomegranate trees to reach beyond baby sprouts.

April also brought us good news the book shipment from the states has landed in Europe. We should be receiving a delivery date this week. Schools are dismissed here for the summer with the current pandemic so we will be working with the teachers to make the improvements to the libraries over the next few months and introduce a possible summer reading program. Want to learn more about our mission:

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