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Farm to Table Season

We've entered food overload season. We have mass production in the garden and are picking new veggies, herbs, and fruits everyday. Our plates are covered with fresh eggs, pork, beans, garlic, onions, eggplants, watermelon, cantaloupe, melon, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, spring greens, spinach, parsley, pear, peaches, or potatoes. This year we had root rot with our bell peppers but we have jalepenos! And our onions took a hit after a wetter than normal late spring. But overall a great year and amazing food.

One of our favorite recipes here at Homestead Albania!

We've also have been harvesting a massive amount of tomatoes. We've made a large batch of sauce and a smaller batch of salsa to can and save for the winter. And we also harvested our bush beans. Our stockpile is growing every week.

We've tripled our chickens. Our mama hens have been busy and our need for additional secure housing became priority one. We are still on predator watch for our chickens as we found evidence of an attack in the orchard. Fox is a likely suspect.

Art has been busy creating our own version of a chicken hoop coop with a run. We've chosen to place it at the back of the property that is shaded between our two mature mulberry trees. It's post season for mulberries and we'll be adding wheels to the coop so we can move it during season. What do you think?

Next up is fig season and our grapes are maturing everyday. Plus the orchard is doing great. We've got pomegranates!

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