Fall harvest...

We are nearing the end of fig season with a few trees still producing but the quality has decreased with added rainfall we received in September.

Art's tree pruning early this spring has shown results, The olive tree had not produced in the last two to three years and we have black olives, pitted and soaking, close to 4 gallons worth so far.

The pruned pomegranate trees also turned out some large, sweet and very juicy poms this year. We juice a few about every other day. Great source of vitamins C and anti inflammatory which are great for the fall in this household.

Jujubes are still coming in and ripening and we have picked close to 50 pounds worth so far and the tree is still full.

Persimmons are getting closer to picking but only one so far this season has been ready to eat, it was pretty tasty.

Quince tree is heavy and full this season, I have even peeled and poached a few they were very tasty. Plenty more to come with how we process for canning, jam and possibly quince butter (like apple butter).

Our herb garden has been very generous with basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and mint.

No shortage of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and climbing vine beans, they are still going strong. We have cabbage starting to fold in, beets and leeks coming up and even got one very good size sweet potato. We have started to prep the ground for the winter garlic and onion where we grew watermelon and cantaloupe this summer.

The vines have a few fall grapes coming in post grape harvest. We are still in the process of fermentation for this year's wine and raki. We will have another updated post about this once we start the transfer of the wine from barrels to smaller containers, saving the mush for raki and how we prep for bottling.

Below is one shopping trip for additional containers for raki and corks for the bottles.

Do you have recipes for any of the above? If so please comment and share below, I will need all the suggestions.

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