December at Homestead Albania

We spent the first day of December hiking and collecting pomegranates from the hills of Mokset. Three huge potato sacks and two full buckets with a million little scratches and thorns we returned home with a trunk full and heart happy.

We had some intruders aka the goats trying to be up all in our business.

The bounty was AMAZING! We squeeze and freeze the juice.

On Sunday, we had some extended family over for Saint Nikolla. A holiday celebrated here in the north with lots of goodies like fresh fruit, lamb, grilled pork, pilaf, salad, potatoes, and persimmons. And here we enjoyed our wine. It was a beautiful sunny day and we ate our meal outside. The trees are still turning here in the north and took the bird (drone) up to get a few shots.

The cabbage and leeks are still coming up and growing for this fall. The spring onions and garlic we planted a few weeks ago are starting to pop. And we are slowly starting to enjoy the persimmons. They are amazing!

We set a small goal for December of thirty copies of my new novel Castle of Teskom to be sold and I met that after the first week. THANK YOU! If you have read the book, join us for online book club discussion on December 26th on Facebook:

If you haven't ordered:

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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