Conquering the Mokset Castle

On Sunday, my husband, a few friends, and I left with intentions of showing them the Mokset Castle, we had discovered the previous summer. We chose a new path we discovered via drone and google maps and after some deviation from the trail we made our way to the top. The views of the lake with the 360° span of mountains spanning over to Montenegro. It truly is quite magical. We departed the castle and headed for the fort we had visited on several other hikes before getting back to the car for a stunning sunset over Lake Shkoder. This trail along with a few others has sparked some inspiration to promote the north. We are thinking of starting a trail guide and vineyard tour service along with a book in progress to document the lesser known but still fantastic trails in northern Albania. We are also actively working to secure some accommodations for visitors that will provide an opportunity to truly get a feel for why we love northern Albania.

Would you discover Albania with Art and I?

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