Celebrating Saint Mark

In the Roman Catholic town of Bajze, Albania April 25th is a holiday honoring the patron Saint Mark, a rose bud festival in Venice. My husband recalled memories of large town gatherings, loads of food, live music and a lively atmosphere the eve of and the day of St. Mark here in Bajze. The current pandemic has limited for this occasion to loads of food, small gathering of just the family and lively atmosphere. The table was covered with slow roasted lamb, fish, grilled pork, olives, cheese, pickled peppers, cubed baked potatoes, salad, wine and my addition, strawberry shortcake. A normal feast for most Albanian homes. The lively atmosphere was the entertainment of introducing my nephews and niece to the Heads Up game a bit of confusion and laughter was a fun way to end the evening.

Our drive has several rose bushes and they are full of buds, soon they will pop!

The day was stunning, warm with a slight breeze.

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