Biking to the Rec Music Festival

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

We had made plans to attend the annual Rec Music Festival on Sunday September 1,

it's about a six mile drive to Rec but we decided to ride our bikes. Beautiful sunny day, it was HOT, little shade on the gradual incline on the trip there but we made it one piece. The festival had several areas set up near two restaurants in the chestnut tree forest. Carnival ring toss games, stage, tents, trinket vendors, roasted lamb and chickens, and beverage stations set up around the area and loads of picnic style tables and benches. We parked our bikes and ourselves in the shade to take in the festival and catch our breath from the ride. We ended up with a beer each and split a roasted chicken and each took a stroll around the festival to take it all in, performers were playing traditional music in one area and down on the main stage was a famous artist Fifi, she drew the largest crowd. We took our go pro along for this adventure and it's a little shaky in spots but it captures our trip from our home to Rec and the beautiful scenery. Enjoy!

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