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Bee Obsession

Our daily walks through the garden have been transforming every day. I've taken the camera along to document the homestead over the last five years. One shot I've repeatedly taken are the bees. Art waits while I click away when there is a few bees nearby.

Here are a few of my most recent shots...

We have delayed our spring veggie crop one week because we had a late frost that damaged some of our potatoes and a few of our pomegranate trees. Thankfully we waited because we ended up with hail with our latest rain showers. Next week after the showers we'll cover the beds and plant the veggies including tomatoes, various peppers, eggplants, climbing beans, squash, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, popcorn, and bush beans.

The orchard is growing quickly. Thankfully the late frost hit before the blossoms were due. They've recovered and are showing popping.

We have baby fruits are popping the mulberries, pears, peaches, nectarines, and plums.

And the vines are taking off. Over the last two weeks we have seen so much growth. Our baby grapes are popping too.

We have a family of birds that has made a nest in the corner of the house but Art put together a new home and they took it on the first day. We've added two additional houses that we rescued from the mulberry tree from his uncles property. Hope to set up a camera or two to capture them soon.

We've had one new addition to our pig squad. So we have Sancho, Pancho, and little Josephine. And we have two mama hens sitting on some eggs. They are about a week apart. Our current mama hen fended off a hawk that tried to take one of our baby chicks.

We are collecting between seven to ten eggs and some tiny from our newest hens.

The changes on our hillside have started to transform changing my love of fall to the spring! Photos are just two weeks apart!

It's kind of magical! What do you think?

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